Alaia's Little Corner

Alaia loves drawing, colouring, and crafty things in general... This will be her little corner to show her ART!!!

Alaia's first card-making badge!!!!
Well done Alaia!!!!


24th October 2013

This picture is called "Abi". She made it during her mid-term break, as she was missing her school friend a lot!  as you can see, it's got a flower (she loves drawing flowers with teeth, I find it a bit scary...). She also attempted to decoupage a mini Christmas tree with green paper, and of course, she writes her name and friends name everywhere!!!! Alaia loves her letters and numbers....

 She made this card yesterday, while I was making my new card (I will show it to you soon!), using the same digi stamp as me, from Polkadoodles.  I love the colours!!!!  Alaia can't understand why some of these digi stamp characters haven't got a mouth, so she drew one on her!

The last picture for today. another flower... this one is not as scary, it seems to be smiling!!!! this is actually a card, it opens! clever girl!!!!

14th November 2013

Today Alaia is bringing for all of you 2 drawings!!!! 

The first one is the Baby and Bunny image by Mo Manning. 

Isn't this baby and bunny great? she decided to make them fly!!!! And I love the green Mohican hair!
Plus she's learned to write mummy's and daddy's names, and she writes them everywhere....

The second image is Violet Vintage by Saturated Canary.... 
she's so cool and funky!!! 
from the purple hair, to the colourful clothes... amazing!

this time she decided not to draw a background and cut the image. Alaia loves her scissors (safety ones, don't worry), and I've realised that from now on, my floors are never going to be completely clean... little bits of paper everywhere, all the time!!!!

Well done Alaia!!!!! (no the paper on the floor though....)


  1. I love this page! Clever girl x

    1. Thamk you! I need to updated it soon, but we've been so busy she hasn't had the chance to make new "art"!!!!

  2. Lovely to have a place to display her art. She has a great imagination with her art.

    1. Thank you Suze for taking the time to take a look at Alaia's little corner! She was so happy when I told her! xx

  3. These are all beautiful, a lovely place for her to display her art. Marlene

    1. Thank you Marlene! she really loves it! she calls it her blog!!!!

  4. oh I see your taking after Mummy and she will have to watch out as your getting very good. Sending hugs xx


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